There's no better place to make medicinal Cannabis than right here.

When our founders decided to establish MedGreen Pharmaceutical, they already knew the exact place we would be located. Having grown up in the area, they are deeply connected to this region, and know how special a place it is. What we grow here in New Zealand, on this land we are deeply connected to, directly enhances the quality of our products.

We have worked hard to create purpose-built facilities that allow us to seamlessly connect nature and science, to develop, cultivate and process market-leading medical Cannabis products for your patients.

Creating rich connections with our partners is the most important ingredient in our recipe for success. It’s these deep connections that will enable us to meet our mission of bringing relief to patients around the world.


MedGreen Pharmaceutical’s facilities have been built on dairy farming land in the mineral-enriched geothermal Bay of Plenty. We have converted this rich land into a world-class environment where Cannabis can thrive. We have carved out the ideal foundation for optimal performance and growth, whilst retaining the integrity and character of the site. We have also honoured our commitment to caring for our land, by planting 1,500 young New Zealand native trees across the site.


MedGreen is developing a range of products that will allow precise dosage controlled relief for a range of specific conditions for patients around the world. Our Product Development & Clinical Support teams are working with our medical professional partners to best connect our products to their patients’ specific needs, with the very highest levels of efficacy and trust. We will continue to develop our product ranges to meet the ongoing demand of our partners.


In each market we enter, we will work closely with our customers to ensure we connect the right level of product support and education to their end-user patients. Our goal is to be recognised as the global leader for customer service and product support, and this comes from connecting the dots to make your work-life easier at every turn. We look forward to working with you to better connect to your patients and to understand your unique product support requirements.

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