We aim to be the best New Zealand medicinal Cannabis brand in the world.

Good Manufacturing Processes [GMP] are fundamental to what we do here at MedGreen Pharmaceutical. We are, however, committed to wherever possible, going beyond standard compliance and finding the very best ways to do what we do. Innovation is woven into the fabric of our business, and is a key part of what we believe sets our brand apart from the rest of the market. We have an inclusive team culture that encourages and rewards ideas and innovation, and that reflects that we’re a brand that prefers to forge new paths versus taking a path of least resistance.

Taking a leadership approach to everything we do, will mean we are ultimately a stronger business, and in the best possible position to support you in your commitment to caring for your patients. Leadership takes courage and commitment, but we know it is what will make us different and stand out from rest of the market.


At MedGreen , GMP runs through all aspects of our operation, from the very first stages of new product development, to how we manage our Mother plants through to cultivation, harvesting and ultimately the finished product – the very highest quality New Zealand Cannabis flower. We are currently working to become an ISO accredited organisation, and we strive to find new ways to do things more efficiently and effectively every day. This applies to every core aspect of our process: Development, Cultivation, Harvesting, Processing, Bulk Packaging, Storage, & Shipping.


We acknowledge that you have options for where you choose to source your products from. Our strong culture of innovation and creativity sets us apart, and our energy is focussed on delivering tangible value-creation for our partners. We are purely focused on medicinal Cannabis and because recreational/consumer products are not on our radar, we are able to channel our innovation to where we believe it matters most. This is best evidenced in our state-of-the-art Product Development Lab where we undertake our ongoing R&D work to keep our products at the forefront of the industry.


Through research, education, and knowledge-sharing, we’re inspiring new thinking and informed decisions about medical Cannabis and health. We are ambitious, but we also work with integrity and this is reflected throughout our practices and policies. We have a genuine humanitarian focus, and we understand that what we do matters – to our partners, their patients, our employees and the communities in which we work and live. Our commitment to leadership in environmental sustainability also reflects the best interests of our patients, our stakeholders and the wider community.

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