At MedGreen Pharmaceutical,
care is the primary reason we exist.

The products we develop, cultivate and manufacture for our clients, are for the sole purpose of improving their patients quality of life, reducing their suffering, and helping to deliver enhanced wellbeing.

Our business is defined by the impact of our products, not by the plants we choose to extract therapeutic elements from. We are in the business of helping people and we are committed to ensuring our medical Cannabis leads the way in quality, efficacy, and purity to deliver the very best level of care.

By perfecting the synergy of science and nature, we are able to produce a much higher quality of Cannabis, and we relate this balance across our entire operation. Caring for the environment by harnessing the power of the sun to produce energy and planting over 1,500 native trees on our property; caring for the end-user by investing in the latest technologies to better understand the various therapeutic elements within each plant; caring for the future by choosing to cultivate on a farm in New Zealand…we care about ensuring a sustainable future for our product and our capacity for growth and consistent supply in an ever-expanding global industry.


The conversation around Cannabis is evolving as overwhelming evidence shows that the product can relieve many types of pain, nausea and adverse symptoms caused by illnesses such as cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and AIDS – or by the medicines prescribed to treat them. MedGreen Pharmaceutical is helping to shape that evolution through innovative, physician-formulated cannabinoid products that champion the efficacy of medicinal Cannabis as proven wellness therapies.


At MedGreen we work hard to balance the proof of science and the power of nature to deliver medicinal cannabis products with the very highest levels of efficacy. New Zealand is recognised globally for its rich natural growing environments, which for many years have produced the world’s most sought after primary products such as wine, honey, dairy and fruit. We are now able to apply a scientific approach to harnessing the power of New Zealand’s natural environments, to cultivate the world’s best cannabis for medicinal purposes.


In order to guarantee our continuum of care, we need to ensure MedGreen Pharmaceutical is shaped for sustainable growth. This means an ongoing investment in our people, our processes and our products. We are also committed to helping build and grow the scientific framework for safe and effective product use across global markets. We will do this by educating our healthcare professional partners, and by driving and changing public awareness. This is at the very heart of our care mission.

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