Why MedGreen?

Because care starts long before the product is prescribed

For us care started right back when we chose the specific location for our MedGreen operation. From there, we adopted a carefully measured approach to how we connected to our growing environment.

Everything we have done since has been consciously planned and meticulously executed to the very highest standards, aligning with our commitment to industry leadership and becoming the best New Zealand medicinal Cannabis brand in the world.

“Our uncompromising approach will ensure MedGreen stays at the forefront of this emerging industry in New Zealand. Our strong foundation will ensure we continue to help meet the growing global demand for this essential medicine”.

Brock Lauritsen – MedGreen CEO


Wellbeing for each and every stakeholder

At MedGreen Pharmaceutical, care is at the heart of everything we do. It is our reason for being, and so it helps to shape every decision we make.

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From our farm to
your pharmacy

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is located in The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, and we believe there simply is no better place in the world in which to grow Cannabis.

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To be New Zealand’s leading medicinal Cannabis company

We’re committed to becoming a recognised global leader in medicinal cannabis. We will achieve this through quality, innovation, service & leadership.

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