Advancing the science of Cannabis medicines

MedGreen Pharmaceutical aspires to be the leading phytopharmaceutical company to advance the science of Cannabis medicines globally. We’ve committed to a research programme focusing on how New Zealand-grown cannabis can be used to treat a range of acute and chronic conditions such as Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neuropathic Pain conditions, Cancers, Neurologic conditions, Skin Disorders, Autoimmune conditions, Gastrointestinal conditions and others.

Through an array of clinical trials, observational studies and pharmacokinetic studies, MedGreen is developing new scientific evidence to support the development of safe, effective medical cannabis products and bringing more understanding to the public and healthcare professionals about the safe, effective and health promoting use of these medicines.

Innovation Lab

Innovation is central to what we do and is a key ingredient in our goal of becoming the recognised global leader in medicinal Cannabis. Our secure, on-site innovation lab enables us to safely develop and test new Cannabis strains and new products for the market based on sound research and thorough testing. Our team is committed to thinking well outside the box in their development of effective, high quality end-user products.


We have handpicked an experienced team of horticultural and scientific experts who have been working with clinical Cannabis for many years. Our team understands medical Cannabis and its capabilities as well as the therapeutic science of every element of the plant. Their combined experience and knowledge supports the research and development of new products with the highest levels of efficacy.

Clinical Trials

Aside from the evidence of Cannabis being used for over 3000 years of human history, there have been over 20,000 published studies and reports over the last five years documenting the benefits of medical Cannabis. The literature clearly shows the significant therapeutic benefits for sufferers of a variety of conditions and relief from the side effects of some medications.

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