Our GMP certified medicinal cannabis products are of the highest quality, efficacy, and purity in the world. Grown organically in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, our cannabis flower offers patient the relief and improved quality of life they deserve.

We are continuously researching new and more innovative ways to produce the most effective, consistent, and sustainable products that relieve sufferers of a number of conditions from all over the world. Stay up to date on our progress and products coming soon.

Purely Medicinal

MedGreen Pharmaceutical specialise in ‘Purely Medicinal’ products, proudly supplying healthcare professionals around the world with high quality, GMP produced New Zealand medical Cannabis. Our focus is to become the leading phytopharmaceutical company to advance the science of Cannabis medicines globally, bringing more understanding to the public and healthcare professionals about the safe, effective and health promoting use of these medicines.

New Zealand Cannabis Flower 400g |  10g  |  5g

MedGreen New Zealand Cannabis Flower will be available in the following quantities: 400g | 10g | 5g.  Formulation:  THC 22% | CBD <1.0%.

New Zealand Cannabis MedPen

The MedGreen MedPen will safely deliver an efficacious, controlled dosage of New Zealand medicinal Cannabis. Formulation: THC 22% | CBD <1%.

New Zealand Cannabis MedPatch

MedGreen MedPatches will deliver an efficacious controlled dosage of New Zealand medicinal Cannabis.  Formulation: THC 22% | CBD <1%.