We are committed to producing the best medical cannabis in the world for purely medicinal use.

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is a science-led company that researches, develops and cultivates high quality medicinal cannabis adhering to international GMP standards. Taking an early leadership position in the developing New Zealand medicinal cannabis sector, our focus is firmly set on working with medical industry professionals to improve the quality of patient’s lives.

With increasing research and evidence supporting the safe use of cannabis to treat a wide range of health conditions, we are 100% committed to playing a key role through education, information, awareness and advocacy for medical cannabis worldwide.

Cannabis is Medicine

The clinical utility of Cannabis has a legacy that spans over 3,000 years. It’s been used to treat a range of conditions throughout the ages. While the true understanding of the medicinal potential of this powerful plant has been held back by fearful policy makers, there is a global reawakening to its healing potential, which is growing by the day. This movement is inspiring individuals, medical professionals, scientists, and policymakers to imagine new solutions for the role of Cannabis in medicine and society.

The Research

There are over 28,000 published papers and more than 100 research studies in process on medical Cannabis around the world. MedGreen Pharmaceutical aspires to be the leading phytopharmaceutical company to advance the science of Cannabis medicines globally. Through clinical trials, observational studies and pharmacokinetic studies, MedGreen is developing new scientific evidence to support the development of safe, effective medicinal cannabis products. We will publish our findings as they become available.

Trust NZ

Affectionately known as “the fruit bowl of the world”, New Zealand has earned a strong reputation over many decades for developing high quality produce for the world to enjoy. From meat and dairy to honey, wine and fruit, quality is our natural competitive advantage as we make the most of our spectacular environment. At MedGreen, we believe there’s no better place to grow medicinal Cannabis and we look forward to supplying the world with the highest quality New Zealand provenance medical Cannabis flower.

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