The Conversation around Cannabis is Evolving

We are shaping that evolution through innovative, physician-formulated therapies and science-based outreach and advocacy. Here’s where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

As prohibition gives way to changing sentiment, an unprecedented wave of research around the world is validating the efficacy of Cannabis both as a medical treatment and as a wellness therapy.

This research is providing hope and solutions for managing conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

To integrate principles from traditional and modern medicine, taking into account the whole human and the whole plant, while being firmly grounded in research, evidence and clinical experience.

We have a clear and compelling vision for success based solely on what deeply matters to you, leveraging our unique capabilities and enabling our team to experience greater fulfilment and deep satisfaction in serving customers beyond making money.

As a vertically-integrated company, we maintain uncompromising standards in our farming and horticulture operations, our production processes and our research methodologies.

As a direct result of our philosophy and our approach, we aim to produce the highest-grade, standardised Cannabis and botanical medicines to support health and address specific conditions.

We intend to expand the quality of our presence and influence in the marketplace and our community — by elevating our thinking, clarifying our purpose and enhancing our effectiveness to build the right team and culture.

We will strive to build a culture of innovation and creativity — innovative products and services that are loved by our customers and not in abundant supply from competitors. 

We aim to expand and enhance our competitive advantage through behaviour that supports our business as the “one and only” choice in the minds of customers and clients. 

We believe in supporting our local communities by employing culturally sensitive, ethical and sustainable practices that put the needs of the people first.

Our Facilities

MGP has a 67 hectare property in the horticulture mecca that is the Bay of Plenty. Our property meets the minimum requirements in the security section of the current licensing guidelines, in that they are not visible from the main road and is located at least 5kms from any area zoned residential.

Our GMP facilities have the capability of producing up to 25,000 kg of biomass annually, a drying/operational building with the appropriate capacities; a processing and manufacturing production facility set up to produce pharmaceutical grade products, and a laboratory facility for product development and compliance testing.

Our Purpose

Medical cannabis products are in high demand in the New Zealand and global markets; we have the perfect conditions here to capitalise on this demand.

  • We are a horticulture and agricultural nation of leaders – innovators by nature

  • We are a country that exports to the world, and does it to the highest standards

  • We are known and loved for our high-standards and clean, green image. We can produce high-quality products under this clean, green label in alternate seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, giving us a competitive advantage.

Our Health

Patients, doctors and specialists can be assured of the ethics and efficacy of all aspects of our GMP production and will have access to detailed information relating to use and dosage.

We will produce blended CBD-THC formulations using good manufacturing practice and procedures throughout our operation. We understand that it is imperative that patients, doctors, and specialists are assured of the highest standards of production and products, and they can have access to up-to-dateinformation relating to the efficacy, use and dosage of our product.

Our passion is to have our products clinically trialed and approved as soon as possible to validate efficacy of our products to prescribers and patients.

Our Activities

Grow Local – Think Global. Our current activities and strategic priorities:

  • conducting clinical trials around condition-specific phytopharmaceuticals

  • establishing uncompromising production standards for cannabinoid medicines

  • creating physician-formulated products for patient-centric therapeutics

  • empowering consumers and healthcare professionals through science-based evidence and education.