We're committed to producing the best New Zealand developed medical cannabis therapies in the world.

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is a science-led company that researches, develops and cultivates high quality medicinal cannabis adhering to international GMP standards.

Taking an early leadership position in the developing New Zealand medicinal cannabis sector, our focus is firmly set on working with medical industry professionals to improve the quality of patient’s lives in New Zealand and around the globe.

Horizon 1: Commence exporting of New Zealand cannabis flower

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is well positioned to meet the growing demand for high-quality New Zealand cannabis flower, in well-established medicinal cannabis markets around the world. Our scale and infrastructure will allow us to not only meet this immediate demand all year round, but grow as more markets are secured for our product. Horizon 1 is key to our success as it will enable us to initiate considerable revenue streams, which in turn will provide the foundation for commencing future growth horizons for the business.

Horizon 2: Develop proprietary formulations for specific conditions

Since our inception, our goal has always been clear – to provide relief to patients in New Zealand and around the world. Horizon 2 will see us develop a range of innovative formulations and therapies / products that will target specific conditions with dosage controlled relief. These conditions may include Rheumatoid Arthritis, anxiety, cancer treatment side-effects, insomnia, and more. Our products will be developed in conjunction with market-leading partners whose innovative methods of administration will bring an exciting edge to our offering.

Horizon 3: Clinical validation through conducting clinical trials

An ultimate goal for MedGreen is to achieve clinical validation for our most successful therapies, through a programme of clinical trials with our strategic partners. Validation of product efficacy will deliver opportunities for exponential growth for MedGreen as our reputation opens new doors in New Zealand and around the world. Our commitment to research, innovation and leveraging the best of local talent, will allow us to add to New Zealand’s already rich heritage of delivering on the global stage.

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