MedGreen Pharmaceutical: Facilities Update – On the Grid

Since our recent update in early March, there have been a number of further developments at our facilities. One of the most significant has been the installation of new mains power lines throughout our site, connecting key buildings to the grid and ensuring a constant power supply to all of our operations.  With these new lines we’ll be able to connect the back sections of our farms, including the new growing facilities that are currently underway.

What does this mean for MedGreen?

Throughout our site’s development we have been using a mix of energy sources. While our main offices and fencing have run, in part, through a connection to the power grid, the wider facility has operated through the use of generators and solar panelling. Once the other half of the MedGreen facility is connected to the power grid, some of the loading currently put on our generators and solar panels will be lifted. This will allow us to work at an even greater capacity, especially with the upcoming winter season where we may see less of the sun.

Sustainability continues to be a key pillar behind everything we do. As our site continues to develop, so will our use of solar energy as we introduce additional solar panels and increase our capacity to harness this  renewable energy source.

Overall, we are in high spirits here at MedGreen. Our team is very excited to have all of our buildings powered as we get closer to becoming a fully operational site.

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