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November 19, 2020Doctors, Facilities

As one of the largest growers and exporters of New Zealand Medical Cannabis flower, here at MedGreen we continue to set up our Bay of Plenty operations with a world-leading team, infrastructure and procedures.

By way of example, we recently invested in the installation of the very latest Climate Control Technologies, enabling us to closely manage growing conditions and deliver a consistently high-quality product to our distribution partners from every harvest.

MedGreen CEO, Brock Lauritsen says that having excellent data at your fingertips is key when it comes to modern Cannabis horticulture practice. “Our climate control systems measure what’s happening atmospherically across our separate growing environments and feeds that data back to a central controller, so we can see exactly what’s occurring and make the right optimisations. Having this accurate data means we can make informed environment configurations and create only the best product for our customers.”

When it came to selecting a technology partner, we canvased the market internationally and opted to go with a local company named Autogrow who has a proven track record in this area. “Like us, they are New Zealand owned and operated and share similar values of being a down to earth kiwi company that has a global outlook,” says Brock.


Here’s a glimpse of some of the Autogrow technology we are now using on-premise here at MedGreen:



Wireless Enviro Sensor Network

These Enviro Sensors are placed throughout our greenhouses and gather six separate climate readings per unit including temperature, humidity, CO2, and barometric pressure. We currently have two of these sensors in Greenhouse #1, four in Greenhouse #2, and four per compartment of Greenhouse #3, our largest growing house. The great thing about this system is that it’s modular, so additional sensors can be easily added as our growing area increases.



Weather Station

Similar to the internal Envro Sensors measuring levels inside our greenhouses, the Weather Station positioned on top of our Agriculture Processing & Manufacturing Building reads external environmental conditions such as wind speed, wind pressure, temperature, and humidity. Combined with the data from the internal sensors, our Central Controller can build a complete picture of what’s happening atmospherically on-site in real-time.



Central Controller

Receiving and reading all of the live data from the Enviro Sensors and the Weather Station, the Central Controller allows us to run up to 8 different growing zones, managing the environments as well as our irrigation schedules. Based on the configurations our Greenhouse Manager Ross Philips inputs, this clever unit logs all of the data and makes adjustments to create the ideal environment for our Cannabis plants.

The Controller also sends alerts via text message when something requires urgent attention due to a change in environmental conditions so Ross and the Cultivation Team can see to it straight away!


Touch Screen Display

The intuitive Touch Screen display gives Ross direct manageability of all the environmental variables (light, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc) and the ability to keep track of how the plants are doing within each growing area. Using the Touch Screen, Ross can view all of the historical data, review alerts, and configure all of the settings.

While there are a lot of features to the system and plenty of bells and whistles, the benefits are clear. The technology forms an integral part of our Quality Assurance Programme, designed to consistently produce high-quality medical Cannabis products from the healthiest plants. “Ultimately it’s about ensuring our distribution partners get exactly what they want,” says Brock. “Put simply, the more control we have over the plant’s growth, the more successful we will be.”

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