MedGreen Pharmaceutical: Facilities Update – December 2019

December 17, 2019Doctors, Facilities

The development of our facilities on site at MedGreen continue to progress and we are reaching significant milestones. We now have our first plants growing in our greenhouses as well as the outdoor growing area on the sheltered embankment. In both instances the plants have taken extremely well to their environment, confirming our belief that this site would be the ideal place for growing New Zealand cannabis flower.

Additionally, the base and structure of the Manufacturing Building is now in place and this large-scale, key building will be completed very early in 2020.

MedGreen Managing Director Brock Lauritsen with our first batch of Cannabis plants


The base and structure of the Manufacturing Building is now in place

Each element of the facility is being constructed to the highest standard with features that are state of the art and environmentally friendly. We are currently specifying for a solar field on our site which will enable us to harness the power of the sun all year round, lessen our reliance on the grid and work towards becoming fully sustainable.

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