5 Things About NZ Grown Medicinal Cannabis

March 18, 2020Doctors, Patients

The Cannabis plant can grow just about anywhere in the world, however, here at MedGreen we think New Zealand is the most perfectly suited place for it. There are several key factors that make New Zealand a prime location for growing some of the highest quality medicine on the planet, and here are the five biggest reasons why NZ-grown medicinal Cannabis is in a class of its own.

1. Environment

New Zealand has some of the finest growing conditions imaginable. Between the fertile soil, clean air, plentiful rainfall, and a moderate climate, plants and crops grow exceptionally well here. The wide-open space is perfect for maintaining a large number of crops at once - New Zealand has an estimated 120,000 hectares of land to grow a cavalcade of different crops on. Our population is far less dense than many similar farming regions making the New Zealand environment perfect for cultivating high quality medical-grade cannabis.

2. History

New Zealand has a long track record of exporting high quality produce, from milk and honey to wine, fruit, and more. It can be said that the whole country takes pride in supplying the world with the best products. Cannabis cultivation requires a skilled gardener that is intensely focused on each step of the operation to ensure the highest quality. New Zealand horticulturalists have the experience and skill necessary to produce exceptional Cannabis plants, and our proven history of successful horticulture and biotechnology makes us a great fit for the global Cannabis industry.



3. Ingenuity

Developing healthy, stable Cannabis strains with unique chemical profiles involves mastery of science and immense knowledge of the plant's storied history, and New Zealanders have proven expertise in the art of breeding wild plant strains together. We have created dozens of innovations to make our prior crops adapt to the changing market, and developing new Cannabis strains requires the same skillset used by our horticulturalists over the years. By incorporating science into the breeding procedure, NZ continues to produce some of the highest quality medical strains currently available.

4. Safety

Before putting anything into your body, you should verify it is safe and healthy to use or consume. Produce and plant-based goods can come from a variety of sources, and many of these places may be using unsafe practices that put people at risk. New Zealand is a trustworthy exporter of healthy crops, and we currently lead the world in the total number of food safety programs. Similarly, the standards that are applied to Cannabis production here are world class in order to meet high quality levels and ensure everyone's safety.

Here at MedGreen Pharmaceutical, we are a GMP certified operation (Good manufacturing practice) and are working to become an ISO accredited organisation. Rest assured, if you receive some medical cannabis from NZ, you will know it is completely safe for use.

5. Kaitiakitanga – it’s all about respect

The Māori principle of kaitiakitanga means that nature is a resource that must be respected, so sustainable techniques are always applied to the horticulture process which helps keep the land rich in nutrients. This ensures that the land is protected for those using it today and also for future generations. When cannabis is grown in NZ, you can rest assured the environment was respected to the fullest.

New Zealand offers the perfect place to cultivate and export medical cannabis to the rest of the world due to the perfect environment, skilled farmers, and the right mindset when it comes to treating the earth with care. If you want some of the finest medicinal cannabis you can buy, source it from a New Zealand producer.

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