Investing in New Zealand and the World

Kaingākau ana ki Aotearoa me te ao

Med Green Pharmaceutical has brought together a dynamic and innovative team of assiduous and conscientious professionals who have a common goal; to develop effective and affordable phytopharmaceutical grade cannabis based products for the benefit of our people and those abroad.

We’re developing our operations and our website which we will share in the upcoming weeks.


Quality and sustainability go hand in hand in keeping with our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement within our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility – from farm production, science, manufacturing, distribution, security and product delivery to local and global markets.
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“Current New Zealand numbers estimate 160,000+ patients are using cannabis as a medicine.”

Oncologist Dr Anthony Falkar states that between 40-60% of his patients are using this product obtained via the black market.

Our People

It is our belief and responsibility that everybody who works within the Med Green Pharmaceutical framework does so in a fair, safe, nondiscriminatory and empowering environment. Our people and their wellness are our reason for being.
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